Terms of Service

Sangar.ee online store is managed by Marat OÜ, registry code 12657952, address Estonia, Harjumaa, Tallinna linn, Tulika põik 6 // Tulika tn 11, 10613 (hereinafter referred to as Service Provider) and a client, who places an order in the online store and identifies oneself by entering personal information on the order form (hereinafter referred to as Service User), have signed this online store Contract of Use (hereinafter referred to as Contract of Use).

1. E-store
1.1. An internet store created by the Service Provider that is used to sell goods to the Service User.

2. General Provisions
2.1. In regulating their mutual relationship, the parties adhere to the Law of Obligations Act, other laws of the Republic of Estonia and other statutes and agreed upon Terms of Use.
2.2. The Service Provider reserves the right to make changes to the provided online store service at any time.
2.3. The Service Provider has the right to change the terms of the Contract of Use unilaterally without having the obligation to inform the Service User of the aforementioned in writing via e-mail.
2.4. The Service User has the right to download or print out the Terms of Use which provides the opportunity to store or reproduce the according information on a permanent medium.

3. Products and Purchasing
3.1. As a rule, the displayed products are in stock. The availability of displayed products may change due to technical problems in the warehouse or online store software.
3.2. If a product is not present in the warehouse, it is not possible to fulfill an order. In such a case, an employee of the e-store shall contact the user and offer the next possible delivery time, exchange of the product for another analogous product with the same price and quality or return the paid sum to the Service User within 14 days at the latest.
3.3. Displayed product photos are illustrative and may differ from the actual product. The Service Provider will do its best to display the product descriptions as precisely as possible, despite that the e-store product descriptions may not be exhaustive and may contain unintended errors.
3.4. Products offered in the e-store are sold to individuals and also companies.
3.5. The Service User certifies that (s)he is at least 15 years of age.
3.6. The Service User selects the desired products and is subsequently obligated to enter the information (surname, forename, phone number, e-mail address, delivery address, postal index and bank link) required for completing the order and shall pay for the products via the provided bank link, a bank transfer or signed a contract for payments by instalments.
3.7. The Service User is obligated to provide true information required for completing the order. The Service Provider will not be held accountable for an unfulfilled order or any consequences related to incorrect information supplied by the Service User.
3.8. Sale takes place when the Service User has paid for the order using the e-store bank link, made a bank transfer in accordance with the issued invoice or signed a contract for payment by instalments.
3.8.1 Payment by instalments is a chargeable deferral of the payment’s due date offered/enabled by Marat OÜ on the online store sangar.ee as an ancillary activity of the sale of goods. Payment by instalments may be enabled according to the contract of sales through ceding the financial claim as specified in § 256 of the Law of Obligations Act (Võlaõigusseadus) to another person (Factor) or the Buyer as a credit intermediation of a creditor operating in economic or professional activities (which is not Marat OÜ).
3.8.2 The Buyer’s ability to enter into an agreement of Payment by Instalments depends on the terms and conditions of the of the entity providing the factoring or credit. Marat does not guarantee any Buyer the possibility of concluding a Payment by Instalment contract.
3.8.3 After entering the necessary data, Marat directs the Buyer to the online environment of the entity providing the Payment by Instalments service, where the Buyer can fill in the Payment by Instalments request. The buyer’s application for concluding a Payment by Instalments contract shall be treated as a proposal addressed to the person providing the Payment by Instalments service to make an offer for concluding the contract. An offer to conclude the contract, which includes the terms of the contract, is submitted to the Buyer and the Buyer then decides if to accept the offer, confirming its choice to conclude the contract between the Buyer and the Payment by Instalments service provider under the terms offered by the provider. Marat is a party to the Payment by Instalments contract only as a seller of the goods.
3.8.4 Marat does not participate in making an offer for the Payments by Instalment contract and is not liable to the Buyer for any response from the Payments by Instalments  service provider to allow or not to allow the payment, as well as for the conditions under which Payments by Instalments payment is offered to the Buyer.
3.8.5 The information on the terms of Payment by Instalments  published in the Sangar.ee online store is informative and the service provider is not bound by the information on the terms published on the Website when making the offer.
3.8.6 The Payment by Instalments service is always chargeable to the Buyer and the Buyer incurs additional financial obligations, which are always added to the price of the purchased goods and which the Buyer is obligated to pay. In any case, the Buyer has no reason to assume that the cost of the Payment by Instalments service will be paid by Marat OÜ.
3.8.8 Marat OÜ does not assume any obligations or responsibilities to the Buyer in connection with the Payment by Instalmets agreement, the provision of Payment by Instalmets or the terms of Payment by Instalmets. Marat’s obligations and responsibilities are limited to the fulfilment of obligations arising from the contract of the sale of goods.
4. Fees
4.1. All prices displayed in the e-store are in euros and include VAT.
4.2. The Service Provider reserves the right to change prices at any time. If a user has placed an order in the e-store and paid for it, then the Service Provider is obligated to deliver the products to the Service User with the prices valid at the moment the order was placed.
4.3. The Service Provider has the right to desist from fulfilling the order in the occurrence of a technical fault due to which the e-store prices were incorrect.

5. Delivery Time and Terms of Delivery
5.1. The Service User has the right to choose between different means of product delivery. International shipments are delivered via courier.
5.2. The products are delivered to Service Users in Estonia in 1 to 5 workdays and abroad in 3 to 10 workdays.

6. Withdrawal from the Contract Before the Service Provider Fulfills the Order
6.1. If the Service User wishes to withdraw from the Contract of Use after placing the order and before the Service Provider has fulfilled it, then the Service User is obligated to inform the Service Provider of this without any delay. The message must be sent to the Service Provider’s e-mail address at onlinestore@sangar.ee. The e-mail must include the order number, which one wishes to cancel and the Service User’s contact information (forename, surname, order date, phone number).
6.2. If the withdrawal request reaches the Service Provider after the Service Provider has fulfilled the Contract of Use, then the withdrawal from the contract is subject to the Contract of Use article Terms of Return.
6.3. The Service Provider shall transfer the sum paid to the Service User within 14 days from the receipt of the withdrawal request.
6.4. The money will be returned to the same bank account from where the money was paid to the Service Provider.
6.5. The Service Provider has the right to withdraw from the contract in the case that the product stock has been depleted.
6.6. The Service User shall be informed of the contract withdrawal or its denouncement via phone, e-mail or post. In such a case the sums prepaid by the Service User shall be returned to the Service User’s bank account without delay but no later than within 14 days.

7. Terms of Return
7.1. The return period on products purchased from webshop is 14 days since the moment package is delivered.
7.2. The returned product must be without defects, complete, in its original packaging and unused.
7.3. In order to return a product, please submit a request to the e-mail address onlinestore@sangar.ee and the returned product together with its packaging to the place of initial delivery (local post office or SmartPOST parcel terminal) or the location of the Service Provider.
7.4. When returning the product, one must also provide the purchase invoice.
7.5. In the case of a return, the money shall be returned to the Service User within 14 days after the product is returned.
7.6. The money will be returned to the same bank account from where the money was paid to the Service Provider.
7.7. The Service User shall cover the transport costs connected with the returning of the product.

8. Procedure for Filing Complaints
8.1. In accordance with the Law of Obligations Act article 210 section 2, all products sold via the e-store have a 2 year term for filing complaints.
8.2. The Service Provider shall not be held responsible for damages occurred due to abnormal use, also for delays in delivery if this is caused by conditions the Service Provider couldn’t have been able to affect and/or which were caused by a force majeure.
8.3. The handling of exchange and returns takes up to three (3) weeks. If you have issued a complaint, we will reply to you in writing within 15 days.

9. Terms of Privacy / Data Security
9.1. The Service User gives a clear and conscious consent to the Service Provider for processing his/her personal information.
9.2. Upon placing the order, the information supplied by the Service User to the Service Provider shall be transferred into the client register and used for providing the sales service and goods to the Service User.
9.3. When requesting bank card information, a secure SSL data transfer protocol and MasterCard SecureCode and Verified by Visa security systems are used.
9.4. The Service Provider shall not have access to the supplied card details. For the purpose of making the transaction, the Service User is directed to the safe environment of Montonio (Montonio Finance
,www.montonio.com). At the moment of the payment, the bank card details are entered into a database hosted by Montonio and the data is stored also in the server hosted by Montonio.
9.5. The source of the personal data is the creation of a client relationship when the order is placed in the e-store.
9.6. The registered information comprises of data regarding the Service User order (surname, forename, address, phone number, address, means of delivery, used method of payment) and agreeing to the Contract of Use.
9.7. Personal information is processed by Marat OÜ.
9.8. Personal information required for delivering the goods to the Service User are forwarded to the companies performing the delivery service.
9.9. Personal data protection is guaranteed by security measures.
9.10. The Service Provider is obligated not to disclose registered personal data to third, unconcerned parties.
9.11. The Service Provider reserves the right to disclose information regarding the Service User in the case that the data is processed for the purpose of fulfilling obligations stipulated by the law by a person who has the appropriate legitimate right or is that takes place for the protection of the Service User’s personal life, health or freedom.
9.12. The Service User has the right check his/her personal information, amend them or remove them from the register.
9.13. The Service User gives the Service Provider the right to send a confirmation e-mail to the e-mail address entered when the order was placed.
9.14. The Service User gives the Service Provider the right to send sales offers to the e-mail address entered when the order was placed provided that the appropriate checkbox on the order placing page has been ticked.

10. Liability
10.1. The Service Provider is liable to the extent of the product selling price.
10.2. The Service User is obligated to use the e-store service only for the purpose corresponding to the law and good practice.
10.3. The Service User is responsible for acquiring and maintaining all software communication tools required for using the service, also for costs incurred from using the e-store service.
10.4. The Service User is fully responsible for all damages caused to the Service Provider, other Service Users or third persons by the use of the e-store conflicting with the legislation or good practice.

11. Customer Support
11.1. The Customer Support phone number is +372 730 7377 and the e-mail address is onlinestore@sangar.ee.
11.2. Customer Support is accepting calls on workdays between 9am and 4pm (EET).
We shall reply to e-mails within two workdays.

12. Differences
12.1. Differences are solved in accordance to the laws valid in the Republic of Estonia. Upon failure to reach an agreement, the differences are resolved in the Tartu County Court’s Tartu Court House.

13. Terms of Use
13.1. The Service User is obligated to familiarize oneself with the terms of the Contract of Use.
13.2. By ticking the checkbox “I agree with the terms of use of the e-store”, the Service User agrees that (s)he has familiarized him/herself with the terms of the Contract of Use, understood them and agrees with the terms of the Contract of Use.